Together we are making it through. Each day is filled with sweet memories and a sadness that consumes. As we reflect back on the difficulty of the last six weeks, various aspects stand out that helped make the dark journey a bit easier. For Dad, one of those aspects was the gift of reading the many comments and prayers you sent on the blog. He would revisit each night and found comfort in your words.

Of the numerous things Covid has taken, one of them was a visitation for Mom (Lin) and Kirk. If you know Bill Halbrooks like we do, you know how much he likes to visit. He would have enjoyed seeing each of you and hearing the stories you would have shared. My sisters and I invite you to help us create a visitation through technology. We are planning to take your stories, comments and photos to make a book for Dad. 

Do you have a funny story? Did Mom or Kirk do something for you that you would like to share with us? Any memory or tidbit on your heart is something we would like to hear. Help us remember them from your perspective. We welcome photos as well.

Please email stories, photos or comments to Libby, preferably by the end of February, at:

Or via text:


Thank you in advance for helping us put together a “visitation” book for Dad. Please mention this to your friends and help us spread the word about this project. 

With appreciation,

Libby, Maggie & Burgin

4 thoughts on “Visitation

  1. Thank you for giving us this opportunity. Not to be with you during this time has been painful. You were also very kind to share with us all the news so we would know what to pray about and it was so appreciated. So many of us wanted to be present with you, though, and could not.


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