Walking Her Home

What a privilege it is to walk a loved one to the gates of Heaven and know it will be but a blink before we unite once again. The heartbreak is unavoidable but the peace and known salvation; a gift paid by Christ alone. A large hole has been left in the Halbrooks family as Mom was the centerpiece. She passed away peacefully at 10:30 this morning.

We value the gift you have all been for us. You have carried us through what Dad referred to as the toughest five weeks in his 74 years. Death is hard, but only because love is deep. It breaks you to pieces and leaves a hole that can only be filled by the promise of eternal life. Heartbreak asks us not to look for an alternative path because there is no alternative path. It is an introduction to what we love and have loved, something and someone who has been with us all along, asking us to be ready for the ultimate understanding – until we meet again.

Thank you for each prayer lifted in Mom’s name and walking side by side us in this journey none of us wanted to take. As the body of Christ on earth, you have been with us each step of the way. Our gratitude is real and extends to each of you.

Through the course of the weekend, we each had the gift of visiting with Mom to say goodbye. Although very difficult, it gave us all a heaven-sent peace. She leaves us with the gift of her faith. This morning, Dad was the last to say goodbye. He thanked her for being his wife, drew a cross on her forehead and gave her one last kiss. Death will part but love will remain.

Linda (Lin) Griffin Halbrooks

September 22, 1947 – January 31, 2021

Arrangements for both Kirk and Lin will be forthcoming.

19 thoughts on “Walking Her Home

  1. She was such a special lady. She always had the best prayers at bible study. I know that precious memories will comfort you all. God bless. Hugs.


  2. I am so sorry and so sad. Thank heaven you were able to see her and that you have such faith and love to sustain you. So many of us long to be with you now in the hope that our presence might insure you of our love and perhaps bring some comfort. Like so much these days we can only do that virtually. Please know that we are still there and that our love and prayers are with you still as God receives Lin in God’s eternal kingdom. God bless you all.


  3. I am so heartbroken. Lin and I worked together at the White a house side by side on those darn red ball garlands. But we laughed so Hard at times just trying to make it work. I think sometimes we pretended we knew what we were doing. Lol. My heart goes out to your family. She was an inspiration and one heck of a lady. I was so touched when she reached out to me while I was going through the devastation of two Hurricanes. Keeping tabs on how we were doing.
    God bless y’all. Y’all are I. My thoughts and prayers. Kathy Shows


  4. My our Lord hold you all lovingly and firmly in His hands while you go through this process of mourning your precious wife, mother, grandmother, and friend.


  5. Sweet friend…my heart breaks for you. I know too well the depths of grief you’re experiencing and you were there in the midst of mine so many years ago. Please know I am lifting you all up and praising the Lord for a life well-lived and an earthly influence and legacy that will last generations. I love you so much and wish I could scoop you up in a hug right now!


  6. Grief is the price of love. Lin was so proud of all of you. Many of us share your sorrow at the lose of a dear friend and one who glorified God as she shared the message of his love. May the four of you and the rest of your family find “ a place of quiet rest near to the heart of God.”


  7. Libby, I am so very sorry! We are praying for God’s peace and comfort for your family! Your words are beautiful. Please let us know how we can help you.


  8. Dear Halbrooks family, I am so sorry for this grueling loss. Losing the centerpiece of your home (mom) is brutal. You all will be in my heart these days and weeks ahead. Sending you lots of love.


  9. My heart is so sad, but I am sure heaven is rejoicing. No doubt Kirk was one of the first to welcome our precious Lin. Her faith guided Lin, she was a role model to so many us us. She fought a strong battle and now she has left her pain and struggle behind. Bill and girls, your wife and Mom, will always have a special place in our hearts.


  10. Love and constant prayers to you, sweet Halbrooks family. Mrs. Lin is absolutely one of the most kind, witty, and graceful women I’ve ever known.


  11. None of you know me, but over these past 5 weeks I have come to know you very well. Lin was a sister and friend to me and she will be missed. Our Bible study called her my prayer warrior partner.
    I can’t begin to tell you what each one of your posts has meant to all of us. Lin raised a beautiful group of servants of The Lord and each of us has been encouraged by you through the whole ordeal. Today, as you post the loss of your mom, your beautiful words have, once again, exhibited the faith Lin instilled in each of you. We will mourn your loss and also celebrate her homecoming and we will keep all of you in our prayers, asking for His peace to cover you. In Christ with love. Gwen M


  12. I felt like something had happened. I look everyday to read your blog. My heart is broken as I looked forward to meeting this giant of a woman who thought enough of me to contact me on ancestry and confirm our kinship. I will love her forever. Much love, prayers and compassion to you all. Hoping we can stay in touch and God will bless us to meet one day.


  13. I will miss you my friend and cherish all the memories from so many years of friendship. Thanks to you for being there for me so many times along my way.


  14. We are so sorry to hear this sad news. I was so sure she could beat this because she was so strong. I guess our Lord needed her more. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Patti and Nick


  15. Dearest Libby, I am so sorry about your mama& Kirk’s passing. My family and your mama’s family grew up together at Trinity.Your grandfather was our attorney and my family and your Mama:s were great friends. I also taught with your mama..You know my daughter,Dr. Cass. We grieve for you , but I know first hand what a marvelous heritage you have. The faith in God transcends your family for generations. God bless you always. Hugs and prayers.


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