Until she takes her last breath, we will continue to pray for healing and hold the faith. After all, we have been given access to the Most High God through the Holy Spirit. The Lord promises we have His presence and His provision. He continues to give strength when it feels there is only depletion. We are fighting many battles in our own families and when we get to the end of ourselves, this is where we feel Him most. Dad remains steadfast in his earnest prayer, Thy will be done.

Last night and this morning have been filled with many rough moments. Sitting in the unknown is hard. Mom was having complications with the tube they inserted in her chest to drain fluid and air from the pneumothorax. Last night the chest tube got clogged and was not functioning properly. This put her in respiratory distress. Today, they surgically inserted a larger tube which at last update, is working well. The nurse said, compared to this morning, she looks better. They had to increase her sedation and her oxygen need has risen to 100%. As a family, we have had some difficult conversations with doctors. Reality is ours to hold. We continue to lean on each other and cry out for strength and guidance.

Mom has run the race with perseverance and stamina. If putting up a good fight was her final expression of love for us, she has done so with vigor, and we all read her actions loud and clear. As we continue to see her fight, we are receptive to the fact that this may not be a battle the Lord intends her to win. Psalm 139 tells us long before September 22, 1947, all the days of Mom’s life were ordained. In this, we trust.

7 thoughts on “Trust

  1. With tears and prayer we hold you all in our hearts. What a wonderful tribute to your mother and example to us all. Love to you and know that we realize what a toll this has placed on your families. You have done your parents prou. Doris and Dan


  2. Our hearts and our prayers go out to you and your family tonight. We know He has promised He will never leave us
    nor forsake us. We know that same Father is holding your mom’s hand tonight. Jim and Deanna Cartledge


  3. Luke 6:19 19 and the people all tried to touch him, because power was coming from him and healing them all.

    Reaching up to Him and sending His healing to my sister, Lin. Father, we need your miracle of healing today. Strengthen her lungs and remove all infection from her body. In Jesus’s name. Amen


  4. I am so saddened. I met Lin at the White House. When she heard my home was damaged from two Hurricanes she reach out to me.
    We had so much fun decorating and I just love her energy. She told me so many wonderful stories about her family. I am praying for her recovery.


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