Golden Cord

We are raw and we are weary. Our week has consisted of a high in researching a shift to a tracheotomy to ease mom’s transition off sedation to a deep low, her stats plummeting yesterday and this option being put off for a bit. Do you know what is getting us through?You! The songs you have sent have ministered to our hearts and filled our minds with words of hope, the prayers you have lifted and sent to us, the texts, emails, flowers and food have been an example of the hope of heaven shining down on us. A friend shared that hope is clinging to a golden cord connecting us to heaven. The more we hold on to it, the more God bears our fears and burdens. In my mind, I see the four of us clinging to this golden cord, and as we get weary and our grip loosens, many of you come along side, placing your hands over ours to keep us connected.

Today mom remains in a pattern of being on her back for 8 hours and her tummy for 16. Her oxygen needs have come down ever so slightly and her medical team is adjusting, evaluating and fine tuning her vent settings. They did a blood transfusion last night which was positive and her white blood count continues to come down. Our prayers for the right antibiotic seem to have been answered.

We continue to call three times a day and through video conferencing, talk to mom. We laughed this morning when Maggie offered to give her number to the nurse who answered so mom’s nurse could call her back. The nurse said, no need, I know your number. If you know an ICU nurse at UAB please thank them for the grace and kindness they continue to extend to us. We rest in God’s word that tells us suffering produces perserverance.

Last night, following our call, my dad prayed. To hear a man married over 50 years pray boldly for healing but ultimately for God’s will is a powerful faith builder for his children. He continues to remind us to keep the faith!

Our prayer today is simple and straight forward. Please Lord, allow mom’s lungs to begin working again.

To all of you, thank you for helping us hold on to the golden cord.

18 thoughts on “Golden Cord

  1. I can picture the 4 of you holding onto that golden cord. Even when we can’t see, God has promised to be there—loving us, strengthening us, giving us what we need to face each day. Many, many prayers for Lin and you.


  2. So precious and powerful! I can hear and see our Bill earnestly beseeching heaven for his beloved Lin. Mike and I continue to hold you all up to the Throne of Grace.


  3. Praying faithfully that Lin’s lungs begin working. Our hands are held tight to the 4 of your’s – helping to strengthen the faith you have placed in God’s Mighty Hands.


  4. Thank you for sending these so faithfully. Bill has been a dear friend for so many years–part of that rowdy ATO group I associate with. In addition, I had the privilege of serving as their pastor in the early years when they were members at Trinity. This page keeps me from worrying Bill, but please reassure him of my love and prayers. And of course that man can pray, when we entered BSC he was part of the God Squad–ministerial students. Love to you all.


  5. Dear Maggie,
    I’m praying daily for your Mom as we prayed for your Uncle Kirk.
    Robert and I are members of St Mark. My girls, Marguerite and Leslie Burr are your sorority sisters.
    Take great faith and hope that we hold your family in our hearts!!!


  6. I love your writing, so pure, from the heart and collective from all of you; heart, mind, body, and soul. I’ve asked God to give her new lungs. I know her testimony is going to be so powerful—global. The presence and power of God is unmatched. Prayerful always, in Jesus name. We all Lin healed. But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed. Isaiah 54:5


  7. Libby, you have increased my faith just reading your words and hearing your heart. What a testimony you all will have in this journey. I love the golden chord picture. Praying daily for your mom and your family.
    Tami Powell


  8. In Upper Room 3/14/20, a preacher wrote, “When our burdens threaten to break us, we can pray for the strong love of God. We are given a strength we know isn’t ours, but comes from God’s strong love.


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