Remaining hopeful

As we said yesterday, we share each small victory with all of you, our tribe.

To the four of us, a victory feels like a steady day. Little did we know how serious Mom’s condition was on Saturday. The drain they put in was of great importance to ridding her body of infection. Since the drain was placed, her blood pressure has regulated for the most part, her oxygen ratio has risen and data from the drainage is helping the doctors pin point her exact antibiotic needs. We are mindful she has a long way to go, but we are celebrating these small victories.

If we needed a reminder that the Lord was walking us through this journey, we got one this morning. Upon entered Kirk’s house to begin cleaning out his refrigerator and pantry, we realized his toaster oven was on and more than likely had been since January 5. Thank you Lord that in addition to dealing with the ramifications of Covid, we are not dealing with a house fire.

We enjoyed a delicious family dinner last night thanks to some dear friends who know some Halbrooks family favorites. Each day we continue to enjoy talking to Mom and find comfort in believing she is hearing our voices and our love.

For today, we offer prayers of thanksgiving for small victories, steady days and for the many ways He is carrying us through this storm.

17 thoughts on “Remaining hopeful

  1. This is definitely a praise. So grateful for the small victories. I continue to fervently pray for these to continue, and I pray for each of you as you fight this vicious disease with your sweet mom.


  2. I’m thankful for the positive news today about Lin. I have been and continue to pray for her and all of you during this hard journey. I’m so thankful that you have one another and an entire village praying for Lin. Love and peace to all!


  3. Thanks so much for keeping up with us. That is great news. Any change in right direction is a good one, however small. praying to keep that going .


  4. Thank you, Libby. Thank you that the Lord has given you ‘eyes to see’ his care for your Mother and her family. Iam praying and will continue..the Lord is near.


  5. Praises to God for good news and steadiness. Continuing to pray for healing and a comfort and peace for you all.



  6. Glad to hear she is improving little by little keeping her in my prayers.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


  7. I am soooo sorry Lin and the family have to go through this. May our loving Father encourage you today and may today bring Lin closer to restored health


  8. I continue to pray throughout my waking hours that God has sent guardian angels on Lin’s shoulders to do battle and defeat this terrible invader. May God give you strength and hope on this difficult journey. Sending my love to Lin and to you all precious family.🙏


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