Together we fight

One thing we know for sure is MOM IS FIGHTING!! Today is her 19th day in the hospital and her 8th day on the ventilator. This time last week, prior to being intubated, she called each of us to tell us that she loved us. We all gave her the same message; please fight! She is definitely honoring the request we made of her.

Her morning report looks good in some areas and remain concerning in others. She had a rough night. Her low heart rate was the main issue along with an increased white blood count which is to be expected following the procedure she underwent to drain infection from her gallbladder. They were able to come down on her oxygen but her ratio (Oxygen in blood) has not risen.

They will re-prone her mid-morning and we are praying to see her ratio increase. Her temperature was down this morning and her heart rate was back in good range. We continue to praise and pray.

On this Sabbath day, we give thanks to Cindy, one of mom’s Physician Assistants for finding the issue around her gallbladder and acting on it. If some of the infections going on in her body can be rectified, she will have a fighting chance for her lungs to regain the strength they need to step back into action.

This morning our devotional surrounded the story of Aaron and Hur holding Moses hands up as God’s people fought. Could God have established a victory without Moses? Absolutely. He is able. He just didn’t want to. God loves to involve His children when He intervenes on earth. Together these men won the battle and victory belonged to all of them.

We feel you in this battle with us, holding up our hands to the Father. The devotion concluded with this, “Let your tribe know how eternally grateful you are for them. And don’t forget to celebrate your victories.” Today we celebrate the victories mentioned above and ask for continued prayers for Mom to find improvement each day.

Thank you for being our tribe!

10 thoughts on “Together we fight

    1. Praying for Lin to keep fighting and for complete healing. Prayers for peace and strength for all the family as you pray and cheer her on in this battle. In Jesus name!
      Barbara and Ben Nevins


  1. Love this Bible passage! We are honored to be part of the “tribe” for Lin and all of you! Praising God for finding the gall bladder issue, and praying for improvement, even each hour!! Love you! Sarah & Rick


  2. Praying for Lin to continue to find strength during her battle and for the family to find strength and faith to help her win. Thinking about and praying for each of you. ❤️


  3. Continue to fight my sister. God is with you and your army of prayer warriors is increasing. My Kenya brothers and sisters are fasting and praying as am I. We love you and can’t wait for you to join us on Zoom. 🙏🏻💕


  4. Maggie, I am praying throughout each snd everyday for your mother, for you and your family and those taking care of her. You and your mother have so many who love you and are raising their hands and voices to God on your behalf. I know he hears our prayers. Love you, Mrs. Booker


  5. Libby, Thank you for posting the updates. And thank you for sharing the daily devotionals. Your writings are an inspiration and a great testimony of the christian example your parents set before you. Just as those men held up Moses hands, we continue to hold up your entire family to God in our prayers. Much love & hugs to you all.


  6. I love The Lord and how He is our Shepherd and our Healer and that His Spirit is always with us. I thought of Lin this morning and that beautiful Spirit that abides in her and in you her family. I thought of her strong will to live and to fight and was reminded she is a soldier in the army of The Lord, and we are marching with her. Jeremiah 29:11 I know the plans I have for you declared The Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future. I still stand in line with all who love Lin.


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