Requesting Prayers for Procedure

As we have mentioned in previous updates, mom is fighting an infection internally. Doctors believe the latest battle against infection is in her gallbladder. Within the next 45 min, they will do a procedure to place a drain in her gallbladder. This will allow removal of infection within her gallbladder to be removed from her body. We ask for you to please pray for this specific procedure, for the doctors who will perform it, for this to be the correct solution to remove this infection and for Mom to have no pain.

Thank you for joining us as we ask yet again for God’s grace and mercy in her fight.

8 thoughts on “Requesting Prayers for Procedure

  1. Praying for strength for Lin and all your families. Also, I am lifting up in prayer the nurses/doctors responsible for making the decisions, caring out the medical orders and performing the procedures to fight this unpredictable virus. Thank you for updating us and letting us know specific prayer requests.


  2. I was a friend of Kirk thru St Marks Church’s Feed the Homeless program & so much appreciate Maggie’s daily updates of his & Lin’s condition.
    Lin I pray every day for you to recover from this terrible Covid. God bless you Lin.


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