Trust-filled waiting

They prepared us for the roller-coaster and that is just what it has been. While yesterday was a better day, today has been filled with concern. We learned during our morning report that they once again flipped Mom to her stomach. This is hard for us to hear, but it did seem to help her oxygen levels. We received the labs back regarding the additional infections she is fighting and find thanksgiving in the knowledge that they started her on the best antibiotic they could have. We also find hope in the fact that her kidneys remain strong. As the PA told us yesterday, she is one sick lady. Covid has come to steal, kill and destroy but we remain confident that if it is God’s will for Mom to remain with us, she will.

This morning we read a devotion titled He’s the Way Maker. It concluded with the following, “Dare to believe that though the odds may be against you, they’re really irrelevant when God comes on the scene. Today, remember the great things God has done with seemingly no effort: He spoke, and the heavens came to be. He put the stars in their place and calls them each by name. And He knows and loves you. He’ll intervene at the right time because He is God and He is good. It’s time to believe for your miracle.”

So many of you are graciously praying. We ask that you pray for her oxygen ratio to improve and stabalize and for her body to fight-off the additional infections.

Kirk Griffin Obituary

Kirk Addison Griffin passed away on January 12, 2021.  He was born September 29, 1943 in Birmingham, Alabama and was preceded in death by his parents, Andrew Warren Griffin and Linda Sessions Griffin.

He is survived by his sister and brother-in-law, Lin and Bill Halbrooks, and his special friend of 16 years, Tricia Thomas.  He is also survived by his three nieces and their spouses: Libby and Todd Glisson, Maggie and Adam Stoffregen, and Burgin and Chris Vernon.  He also leaves great-nieces and nephews he adored: Maddie, GraceAnn, Macy, Virginia, Brooks, Wynn, and William, and his two stepsons of whom he was so proud, Dean Benedict and Richard Benedict.

He was a graduate of Shades Valley High School and Washington and Lee University and received a masters from The University of North Carolina.  He was also a veteran of the Vietnam War.

 His life’s work was as a Financial Analyst in the United States Department of Defense.  He worked in the Pentagon and after surviving the attack on 9/11, walked over 9 miles to get to his home in Falls Church, Virginia.

Upon retirement, Kirk moved back to Birmingham, Alabama and enjoyed more time with family and friends.  He became an integral leader in the homeless ministry of Saint Mark United Methodist Church. He relished the opportunity to shop, cook, and serve the homeless population in Birmingham. Much of what Kirk did for the church was “behind the scenes” but what a difference he made.   Kirk was involved with feeding the homeless three times a week. He served for the mere privilege of being able to demonstrate the love of God to others. 

Kirk enjoyed taking his family to the Red Mountain Theater and treating them to meals out. He delighted in teaching his great nieces to eat sushi, oysters and Thai food. He was known as Kirk-e-poo to all his great nieces, nephews and their friends.

A time to honor and celebrate Kirk’s life will be made post Covid-19.  In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Homeless Mission Program at Saint Mark United Methodist Church at 2901 Columbiana Road, Vestavia Hills, AL 35216 with the subject line, “In Memory of Kirk Griffin.”

15 thoughts on “Trust-filled waiting

  1. Praying so for the oxygen levels to come a up and stay up. Such love is being poured out to your whole family and sorrow for the loss of someone I would love to have known. Joyce Daniels

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  2. Girls, know that I am praying for your mom. We spent many an hour together when you were teens. Look forward to her being well again to remember those days together.


  3. Our prayers for all you girls and your sweet Dad. I just found out and will read your Blogs everyday . You are a special family💕


  4. Lin and Bill, Your Covenant Class Family is praying for Lin’s body to heal and for
    you and the girls to feel Gods strong loving arms supporting you.
    . We are thankful that
    we know what a fighter Lin is.
    Kirk was like a class member and we will miss him.. We send prayers to Kirk’s extended family..,


  5. God is in control. I’m standing in solidarity with all praying for sweet Lin and for you all. She’s still fighting.


  6. What a beautiful obituary for Kirk. I know you all will miss him dearly, but I know the Lord has said
    “Well done, good and faithful servant.”
    May your Mom be given strength and healing only the Lord can give. We are praying for her continually.


  7. Well spoken, Libby, with quiet prayer and faith when I’m sure you want to cry out for healing and relief. We are all united with you and love you.


  8. Our prayers are with you all as you navigate this journey with Lin.
    She is a fierce warrior and a women of faith ,a friend and mentor to many. I know she is fighting with all she has in her to stay with her family.
    I pray God’s healing hand on her and you all comfort and grace.




  9. Kirk’s obituary describes such a generous man who loved the Lord, his family, and friends. Such an honorable tribute.

    Lin’s medical team is obviously giving her wonderful, thoughtful care. And Lin’s fight to heal is relentless, brave, and powerful – just like our Lin, who puts her faith in Christ. Insurmountable love is shown to Lin through angels; prayers by the thousands are being lifted up to the Lord every hour.


  10. Sending love and prayers to your mom and your whole family during this time. I’m so sorry for the loss of your uncle. He sounds like an amazing man. I continue to pray for your mom’s healing.


  11. Libby, I read your uncle’s obituary and it made me want to spend a week with him as he was serving and making people laugh. What a beautiful example of someone giving their life away to others in retirement! I think about you everyday and am praying for stamina, peace and encouragement as you all go through each day. It sounds like God is meeting you all and giving you the verse, the song, the memory, the laughter through the tears and the comfort that you need. Praying for you friend.


  12. So sorry about the loss of your uncle. I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing him but understand he was a wonderful person and served sooo many
    We will continue to pray for Lin for complete recovery. Attitude has lots to do with healing- I think this is hood as she is such a fighter. Thoughts and prayers continue. Thx fir keeping us updated love Rebecca and Lee


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