The Fight Goes On

Each day offers us the opportunity to breath in our faith and breath out our fear. This mantra and the togetherness modern technology affords us is in fact sustaining us. We recognize our help comes from heaven above being lived out through each of you. Thank you for continuing to pray and thank you for holding our family in this grueling journey. Each of you represent the Lord’s sovereignty and grace in the midst of suffering.

Both Mom (Lin) and Kirk remain in ICU at UAB. Both are still on ventilators and like brother and sister they are facing some similar challenges and some unique ones as well.

Kirk suffered a small number of strokes at the time of ventilation. While his oxygenation remains good, his battles are now with his kidneys and his liver. They are keeping him in deep sedation and comfortable. Although a graduate of Washington and Lee and North Carolina, many of you know Kirk is a huge Alabama football fan. We asked that they allow him to hear the National Championship last night and we all find comfort in knowing how happy he is to know the Tide took their umpteenth win (yes, that was hard for me to type). It puts our minds and hearts at ease to know he is not in pain. The staff at UAB are incredible and they have helped us so much in this journey. Being able to talk to him was a gift for all of us. It was out of our abundant love that we yelled, “Roll Tide Roll.”

Mom (Lin) is holding steady with some improvement. Like Kirk, she is also having some kidney disruption but with fluids and Lasix, her creatinine was able to come down which is a positive and means her kidneys are working (if I know anything, I know kidney lingo). Additionally, she was running a fever yesterday and they began an antibiotic which seems to be working as she was fever-free this morning. Her oxygenation is holding steady and while they continue to bring her from deep sedation to light sedation, they will not mess with her intubation settings today. We are able to video conference with her twice a day which is good for us. Last night the grandkids talked to her and I know she enjoyed hearing their voices. This morning Maggie played Rocky Top for her. We even plan to let Mae Mae, her new puppy, have some video time with her today.

Please join us in praying the following:

Kirk: For him to remain pain free and for continued healing. We will get more information regarding his organ injuries during our call this afternoon. Additionally, pray for God to guide our decisions for him.

Mom (Lin): For her kidneys to continue to improve and that when the time is right, her lungs will be healed enough to take back over their work within her body. We ask that she hear our voices and yes, see our faces, and that it will spur on the fight within her. We also ask for her to remain pain free and peaceful. We pray her body can relax and heal.

13 thoughts on “The Fight Goes On

  1. We know our Lord sustains you in this journey. He will hold you up when you feel weary. He will be your strength in times of fear. We love you all!! 🙏


  2. Love you all so much. Your mom would be so proud of your support for both she and Kirk. Much love and remember to take care of yourselves during this journey. Psalm 91!


  3. Lifting you all up in prayer! May you have peace as you go through this journey and may God give your Mom and Kirk the strength, the healing, the comfort with each new day.
    “Peace I leave with you.
    My peace I give you.
    I give to you not as the world gives.
    Do not be afraid or troubled.”

    John 14:27

    Dennis & B.C. Cook


  4. Thank you all for sharing Lin’s & Kirk’s status and progress. So many friends are praying for their recoveries. You daughters & Bill are doing an amazing job on all fronts.
    God bless you all. Stay strong! Pat k


  5. Sending prayers for healing throughout this journey. The nurses there are amazing. I have worked with many of them. Sending you all love and peace.


  6. Praying constantly for God’s abundant healing, peace and strength. Much love to your entire family from our family.


  7. Praying very hard here for Gods healing hands upon Lin. Love and prayers to each of you.
    Thank you for keeping us all updated.


  8. We are praying very hard for your Mom, you, and all of your extended family. We are so glad that we know where Kirk is, and that he is looking over us now. I worked a lot with Kirk, especially on his Wednesday night dinners and his Highland UMC ministry. The rest of his team and I need prayer too. We are struggling to understand how we will be able to keep going without him. We appreciate all you’ve done to keep us informed. Please let us know if we can do anything to help you and your family.

    Dennis and Betsy Jones


  9. I love that song, “Great is Thy Faithfulness!”. Didn’t get to meet Kirk visually, but in voice and heart God allowed. Awesome man. Praying for continued healing and thanking God for every new progress. Be encouraged.


  10. Our prayers continue to be with Lin for a full recovery and for God to give each of you strength and peace every day!
    Our Love, Pat and Bill Sorrell


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